Certification African Business Services (Pty) Ltd

Certification African Business Services represents BM TRADA in Southern Africa and Mauritius, providing certification services.

  • Management Services: ISO 9001; ISO 14001; ISO 45001
  • Chain of Custody: FSC™
  • Sustainable Supply Chain: BM TRADA Responsibly Sourced Soy;
    Non-GM; RSPO certified sustainable palm oil
RSPO Awareness Training is on offer: at an on-site venue; remotely via video call; on-line via LEARN ONLINE on this website and on-line at cabs.teachable.com

Get Certified . . .

Get Certified

. . . and ensure your business improves continuously. Look forward to lower costs and more business.

We will walk you through the process and assist you in finding the most cost effective and suitable arrangement for your company.
Let us help you complete the paperwork accurately, remind you of when your audits need to take place and keep your document submissions on track.

RSPO Awareness Training

The RSPO Awareness course is designed to teach you more about palm oil and help you prepare for your RSPO Supply Chain Certification audit.

You will be issued a certificate once you have completed all the lectures and successfully answered the quiz.

Your certificate will qualify you as ‘RSPO Awareness Trained’ in accordance with the RSPO standard requirement.



Become Certified


Representing BM TRADA in South Africa

BM TRADA in the UK can trace its origins back over 80 years. The South African office was set up in 2013 and has grown steadily providing certification services to a wide range of industry sectors. Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Limited, trading as BM TRADA is Accredited by UKAS.


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