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Colin Gous

Colin Gous

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I have been working as an ISO consultant since 1998 and have implemented ISO management systems, many of which, have been successfully concluded through to certification. I moved to full time auditing when BM TRADA needed representation in South Africa. A highlight of my work, is seeing manufacturing in process.

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Our Team

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Nikki van Tonder


I have worked in PA & administrative roles within the milling, retail & consulting industry since 1991 and have worked within the Certification industry for the past 6 years. I enjoy guiding the client through the certification process from the initial contact to the thrill of passing on the certificate. Building on client relationships continually is a highlight for me.


Janine Howard


I have worked in administrative roles throughout my career and have a special interest in small business development. Seeing companies prosper and grow after becoming certified is exciting to me, and being part of helping them get there, very satisfying.


Lynda Gous


Being part of the support staff of the company, helps me keep my husband on his toes! I work with a great accounting firm who help us keep things simple and keep overhead costs low.

Auditors are authorized to audit our clients in South Africa by the BM TRADA UK office. This is only after their application has been thoroughly reviewed. Approval is based on their education and experience. At present we have 17 professionals looking after the South African clients. We aim to continually grow this number.